2MSecMail 1.5 (from 1.5 the software is Windows 7 compatible)
Do you need protect your data with strongest 256bit cipher algorithms? Don't  you trust sending e-mail containing sensitive data or documents?
Do you need archiving data by very secured system? Have you been attacked by virus? Do you think that 256bit ciphering can be afforded by CIA, FBI or US government only ?

This software offer You all those things for very cheap price ! Don't allow watching you by Big brother !!!

...and many, many other things. Download free PDF manual.

Application uses very clever ciphering method with using of 256 bit symetric cipher (Details aren't public due security reason)
Also You can use system of Digital Signature with photo in Your organization !
Mailicious viruses sends unreadable messages instead of fully readable text or HTML format of your message !


 Your comments or suggestions are welcome on the e-.mail. The application is in english language only.
Author is not responsible for eventual damages or loose of your data caused by usage of this software. If you forgot password or loose a key author or anyone else can't anyhow give you your message back!

Evaluation version (limited for 100 runs) can be downloaded here. Eval version uses different data format and uses 56-bit ciphering only. Full version and Eval version are incompatible ! Eval version does not contain Group Manager.
Manual in Adobe Acrobat (*.PDF) for download here - Manual

For personal use: 30,- Euro (30 USD).
For company usage: 90,- Euro (90 USD).

Electronic distribution only.